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Virginia Orr

Mindset Coach

Would you like to ...

Love the life you live?

Feel fulfilled?

Be more confident?

Shift to more self belief?

Gain clarity and deeper understanding about yourself? 

Enjoy a more balanced life?

Be content with who you are?

If you've said yes to any of these then coaching may be the way forward for you.

The way we feel about ourselves, how we feel others see us and our life experiences can shape how we show up in our lives and may not always serve us well. Mindset Coaching enables you to become more aware of what shapes you, how it influences you and how to reframe what is working against you rather than for you.


I firmly believe that we have the ability to realise our full potential and to lead more fulfilled lives free of limiting beliefs and habits. I used to feel I could never be content. I felt frustrated at work and lacked direction with my creativity. Through coaching I realised that I was the only one holding myself back and have found a way to reframe my mindset to move forward. I now have a much happier life, am accepting of myself and would love you to have this for yourself!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnered creative and thought provoking process that supports you to become more aware of your potential and how you might realise this, inspiring you to live a more content and fulfilled life.

As your Mindset Coach we partner together to create a personalised approach, discover what's important to you and establish a manageable path to get you there.

I am an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation so you can feel secure in the knowledge that I offer a safe, supported, non judgemental space and that I work under the ICF Code of Ethics and Core Competencies. 


Contact Me

Contact me below to arrange a no-obligation chat to learn more about coaching and how it can support you to move towards a life where you feel more in control. Please get in touch and let's talk! 

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll get back to you very soon!

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