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Cate L

" Virginia listened so carefully when I told her about my hopes, woes and goals. She never judged, never hurried me, just listened and guided. Virginia helped me dissect and breakdown my goals and with her guidance I started to clear a path toward them. The sessions made me believe that they are achievable and that I’m more than capable and more resilient than I thought I was. 

I’ve started to become much more forward thinking and much more accepting of myself. Failure in any aspect of my life was a big no no for me, but with Virginia’s help I’m realising that I’m always doing the best I can In any given situation. I’m much kinder to myself as a result of the whole process, therefore I’m now in no doubt that I will go forward with much more resilience and belief than before. Thank you with all my heart Virginia, you are golden!" 

Robin C

" My expectations were of an interesting exploration of the theme I brought and of finding it supportive to a greater or lesser extent.

It exceeded my expectations because it feels like it has helped me to change a fundamental belief that life has to be a struggle for me which has been a self fulfilling prophecy. 

I became aware of habits of focusing on what is challenging rather than valuing what I am successful at which undermined me. I benefited from your sensitivity and positive angle on things, your maturity, your encouragement and ability to gently challenge. It has been empowering to see how small steps can change an attitude which changes my experience of life.


So, I am enjoying life more now."


Stephen C

"One of the most striking things Virginia brought to the session was her ability to keep focused on a particular element or aspect that was being explored and really support me to concentrate on the emotion and thought patterns behind them. She has the ability to work with you to connect strands and see patterns over several weeks of coaching and turn them into a positive behavioural change. Virginia has a calm, non-judgemental manner and she made it a non-pressured experience.

I really felt the coaching Virginia offered was very reactive to my needs as they developed. Nothing felt preplanned or formulaic. 

Coaching with Virginia enabled me to explore my behavioural patterns and consider how to develop strategies to break the circle. The tools and awareness developed flow into all aspects of my life.

 It has become not just a work mantra, but a life mantra."   Stephen C

Maisie P

"I can’t begin to describe the difference in my confidence between the beginning and the end of my coaching journey. The whole process felt really tailored to my own personal experiences and problems, and I always felt heard and supported in my journey.  Virginia somehow knew to ask exactly the right question to reframe my thoughts about the situation and guide me towards finding a solution.  I never felt judged or misunderstood.


I didn’t expect to finish coaching feel this confident in my own independent ability. I feel capable of achieving my current goals, and confident that I could apply what I’ve learned to future goals and challenges that crop up." 

Michele B

"Week by week Virginia encouraged me to focus on small manageable actions led by my intuition rather than my thinking brain. Setting small mini-goals that were achievable, putting my needs first and really allowing myself to tap into that deeper knowing was where I saw the growth.  Seeing week on week the slow and steady progress was a very empowering place to be and gave me a true sense of autonomy. Out of nowhere towards the end of the process there was a completely unexpected aha moment.


Virginia was particularly good at keeping me focused, questioning and drilling down to the core of the goal and what needed to change for me to get there. At times her questioning was very direct, pushing back where she believed I needed to uncover more. I found this particularly helpful. 


Thank you so much for an incredibly illuminating experience. I never thought I would land where I have, but I'm so glad I have. It has been transformative! "

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