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Coaching is a partnered creative and thought provoking process. With my support you develop a deeper awareness of your potential and how you might realise this, inspiring you to live a more content and fulfilled life.


I partner with you to tailor the coaching process to your needs, offering a safe, supported, and non-judgemental space feel where you feel able to speak honestly. Your commitment is to come with a willingness to be open and to grow.  We explore and deepen awareness of your desires, beliefs about yourself, what holds you back and how you would like to show up in your life. I offer thoughtful questioning and reflections during your coaching journey to encourage you to find the solutions that resonate with you.

I support you to find what it is you are really looking for, whether it’s a new way of feeling, new way of being or simply a new outlook on a particular topic and together we create a manageable path to make that a reality. We meet for 6 or more sessions over a 4/6 month period . I believe we can find it difficult to reach our goals as after the initial excitement reality sets in and they can seem overwhelming and unobtainable. Together we work on reframing what’s getting in the way, create your personalised tool kit and and figure out what steps you can take to move you nearer to your aim. We tailor these so that you can be successful in achieving them. Success, however small, is a fantastic affirmation that you can grow and move forward to become the person you'd like to be creating a life balance that celebrates all aspects of your true self. 

I am an Associate Certified International Coaching Federation coach so you can feel secure in the knowledge that I offer a safe, supported, non judgemental space and that I work under their Code of Ethics and Core Competencies. 


I coach over Zoom & Skype or in person at The Plane Tree, Bethnal Green, London E2  0HU


My Approach
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