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Introducing Gillian McMichael - Founder of Full Circle Global

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

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Find new growth in your life with coaching

When I embarked on my journey to become a life coach, I never realised how enriching it would be on a personal level. I've met so many interesting and inspiring women, none more so than Gillan McMichael founder of Full Circle Global . She is one of the most dynamic women I know. Her positivity, infectious personality, passion for her life's purpose and her wonderful smile all feed into a strong and determined drive that has enabled her to build a highly successful business as a ICF Master Certified Coach and Coach Full Circle Global And as if that weren't enough, she launched a podcast during lockdown and her first book ' Coming Home: A Guide to Being Your True Self' will be published in June. What's lovely and inspiring about Gillian is that within everything she does she retains and holds her true authentic voice, her beliefs and her personality. She has built a successful business as a coach and coach tutor and my experience of her is that she believes in the value of what she offers and that she deserves her success both professionally and financially.

Valuing ourselves can be hard in all aspects of our life Maybe you rely on others to validate your actions, you seek acknowledgment or praise but what happens if this doesn't come or isn't what you want to hear? Disappointment? Anger? Reinforcement of a negative mindset ? The fundamental flaw of relying on others is you cannot control their response. Shifting your mindset to knowing your value, appreciating yourself for who you are and what you have to offer creates a much stronger foundation from which to live your life, It can be simpler than it seems, why don't you start by writing a list of five of your personal values; the pillars of how you want to show up in life? I also invite you to think of one thing you've done in the last few days that made you feel good about yourself, recognise it's value and say a big thank you to yourself!

Finally, I thought to share Gillian's Podcast Finding Your Way Home with you. I've found it fascinating , uplifting and so informative. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


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